Tool repair – Circular Saw

A fiend came to me the other day with a dead circular saw and wondered if I could take a look. It is an old bit of kit but a good quality tool that would be expensive to replace. Fault was easy to replicate, plug it in and turn it on. Nothing. I thought initially it would be the brushes needing replacing after years of daily wear, but on inspection it was something a little more basic.


Yes indeed. Someone had been in here before and I assume attempted to replace the cable. As the wire wasn’t securely fastened the slightest of tugs and the join would pull apart. In the end I replaced the flex and did a better, neater and safer job of installing it properly.


The only thing I have doubts over is the strain relief for the cable. I tried with some zip ties to secure it to the casing as much as possible, it’s all I could really do without the proper clamp that would have been there when new.


As you can see from the pictures it’s a beautiful neat repair that will give the saw many more years of use. By the way, while the guts of the motor were out I did check the brushes and there was plenty more wear left in them.


I love repairing stuff. It’s always given me a great sense of satisfaction to make something broken work again. Shame a lot of electronics these days don’t really allow for any user servicing. We have a culture where we don’t fix things we replace them. This 15 minute fix and the cost of 3 meters of cable and a plug is massively more cost efficient than getting a new £250 saw just because of a small fault.

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