Open Source Contributions – 2016

This blog is going very slowly, I’ve not yet got into the habit or pattern of regular writing. That was the main reason for starting this thing, to improve my writing and hopefully in turn improve upon my thinking.

For this post I decided to list the Open Source projects I’ve contributed to this year. All of them are financial donations rather than code contributions however, something I hope to change in 2017. Part of the problem is finding an Open Source project that lights my fire and I’ve not come across many so far. I’m thinking of something around the .Net Core stack and explore .Net on the Linux ecosystem.

So, the list of projects is below. I genuinely can’t remember the donation amounts however no one alone would be over £20. I hope whatever I donate can be of some help to the teams. Keep a server on for a few more hours!

Heidi SQL – I use this daily and it’s perfect for my needs. I’m used to MS SQL Server tooling and this software to me lives up to that standard.

DataTables.Net – This is a fantastic client-side datagrid component. I’ve used this in several projects and really enjoyed it every time. I’ve sponsored this product now for a few years and hope to for years to come.

Wikipedia – I have probably visited Wikipedia at least once every day this year (and most likley last year, and the year before that…) and can’t begin to think of a world without it. I’m more than happy to keep the site running, ad-free, sponsorship-free, open to all.

There are other projects that I’ll add to the list when I remember what they were!

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