I am an IT professional with 15 years of experience in the field of software development. I have led requirement-gathering workshops all the way through to designing the infrastructure on which the solutions will run. Dealing with demanding delivery expectations as well as having full responsibility for budget and project timescales means that I have developed proficient and proven project management skills. I am an effective communicator, tailoring my dialogue to suit all levels from highly specialised technical people to front-line users with little or no previous technical knowledge. My overall passion and interest for the IT industry as a whole has provided me with a wealth of knowledge from which I feel any project will benefit.


2014 – to date | Software Development & Infrastructure Consultant

  • Winning long-term IT consultancy contracts and short-term software development projects for SME clients in Local Government, Financial Services & Insurance, and SaaS providers across London and the South East.
  • Delivering new, and upgrading legacy, web applications utilising: Bootstrap CSS, JQuery, AngularJS, Web API, ASP MVC (3+4).
  • Recent projects involved NServiceBus and RavenDB technologies, building mission-critical messaging platforms that utilise MSMQ, Ninject/Unity/Castle Winsor IoC/DI providers.

Python | Java | Maven | MySql | CloudStack | CentOS | Git


2013 – 2014 | Head of Software Engineering

  • Aided in the company transition from network consultancy to a fully managed service provider
  • Responsible for defining and developing software development consulting engagements
  • Attended industry events, networking and engaging with the CloudStack Open Source community
  • Patching bugs in client systems and integrating the patches into the CloudStack codebase
  • Worked with our partners to identify, define and scope responses for tender documents
  • Engaged with existing clients defining and designing requirement documents

Python | Java | Maven | MySql | CloudStack | CentOS | Git


2012 – 2013 | Head of Development

  • Managed four strong development team all working on PeoplePlanner products and services
  • Managed key mobile web apps redevelopment project
  • Streamlined development processes
  • Introduced Jira Issue Management System to increase effort visibility and accountability
  • Introduced weekly team ‘tech talks’ to share knowledge and promote learning within the team
  • Oversaw project to integrate functionality from sister company products into the PeoplePlanner application

C# | VB.NET | MSSQL Server 2008 | Linq | TFS | ADO.NET | ASP.NET | SOAP | HTML5 | Kendo UI | PhoneGap | Aspose


2010 – 2012 | Software Development Manager

  • Product lead for the TAMIS™ Medical Screening software platform
  • Responsible for all development projects in house and outsourced
  • Provided assistance in strategic sales from a technical perspective
  • Reduced spend by bringing core development back in house
  • Implemented SharePoint for better internal communication and information organization
  • Responsibility for development of technical policies and procedures
  • Actively maintained knowledge and stayed current on IT developments and advances

C# | MSSQL Server 2005 | Linq | Subversion | PHP | MySQL | WinForms.NET | ADO.NET | SOAP


2010 – 2012 | IT Manager

  • Key task was to rescue very late and business critical line of sales solution
  • Delivered key deliverable on time with reduced team numbers
  • Reported to the board directors
  • Emphasised benefits of increased collaboration with compliance team when product testing
  • Built relationships with other departments and turned around people’s perception of the IT Department

C# | MSSQL 2005 | Linq | Subversion | OpenGI | WinForms.NET | ADO.NET | SOAP | AJAX


2005 – 2009 | Software Development Manger

Asked to return to Octavia by the Chief Executive Officer, I re-joined as a developer in 2005. I demonstrated my abilities and received two promotions during the four years since my return. Octavia was purchased by FifoSys in 2011.

  • Designed major application architecture across desktop, web and web / Windows services
  • Authored Software Requirement Documents, Software Specifications and Project Plans for projects
  • Overall responsibility for the Software Development arm of the business, reporting to the directors
  • Led Requirements Capture Workshops with stakeholders to produce clear requirements
  • Designed and developed driver applications for the BNCS broadcast control system for the BBC. 100% uptime required

C# | MSSQL 2005 | Linq | Subversion | PHP | WinForms.NET | ADO.NET | SOAP | AJAX | MySQL


2004 – 2005 | Developer

  • Delivered a critical web service component against tough deadlines
  • Built excellent working relationship with the overseas development team
  • Responsible for supporting major telecoms software provisioning telephone lines from BT

C# | MSSQL 2005 | SourceSafe | Subversion | PHP | WinForms.NET | ADO.NET | SOAP | VB6


2002 – 2004 | Software Development Consultant

  • Created financial reports whilst under placement at UGC Cinemas (since purchased by the Cineworld chain)
  • Supported and developed in house applications and services used by all cinemas in the large nationwide chain
  • Worked on government department and local council information systems

MSSQL 7 | SourceSafe | PHP | WinForms.NET | ADO.NET | ASP.NET | CVB6 | ClassicASP


2001 – 2002 | Contract Software Developer

  • Designed and specified a project to unify bought and existing debt on to the same balance sheet
  • Led project to automatically pull capital from commercial banks based on current financial situation

MSSQL 7 | SourceSafe | VB6 | VB5 | Classic ASP


2000 – 2002 | Contract Software Developer

Out of hundreds who applied, I was fortunate to be selected, at the age of 18, to be part of the systems analyst trainee programme.

  • Worked on multiple projects in house and at client site (finance, retail, services)
  • Contracted to work for LSM, initial 3 month contract extended to over a year

MSSQL 7 | SourceSafe | VB6 | VB5 | Classic ASP

Software person with Hardware ambitions.